Saturday, March 10, 2012

YowaYowa Camera Woman Diary

I've said it before and I will say it again: I LOVE yowayowa camera woman diary! I love seeing "Today's Levitation" its amazing, and makes me want to fly. Here is a link to one of her levitation!! she is a japanese photorgapher who lives in Tokyo with two cats :3

OMY!! she explains on her website how to levitate!!!! hehe she is ten million times cooler now that I see she is willing to share her knowledge with the world!! XO

The Invisible Man

One artist whose work I enjoy immensely is Liu Bolin. He is a Chinese artist (Born in Shandong province in 1973) who is famous for being "The invisible man".

He paints himself into his surrounds. The Idea behind his work is that people are very much effected by their surroundings. I Really LOVE it. here is a website that has some of his work posted. There was another website I was on that listed all of his work, and the thoughts behind each piece, I Really Enjoy art that makes you think, especially when it is fun.

Kwang Mo

I was searching the web one day, I can't remember what for exactly, but it had something to do with art. and Asia. probably more specifically Korea.

I came across this wonderful articleabout eight south Korean photographers titled "Modernity through eyes of 8 South Korean photographers " I thought they were all interesting, but my favourite was one by the name of Kwang Mo. His work was very dreamy, and so I was very much drawn to it. I would highly recommend having a look at his website that I hyperlinked in his name, its just dreamy. I would not pass up a chance to go to an exhibit should one ever come across my path!